Smartbuy Wines Startup Store / Creative Direction / Art Direction

Once we had this amazing briefing: come up with the branding and the whole communication for a new wine e-commerce. I creative directed and also jumped in with the creative teams to tackle that. We based the brand strategy on the speakeasy concept that surrounded Prohibition in the 1920’s. From there we developed the company’s branding - product concept (GREAT PRICES AT BARELY LEGAL PRICES.), Visual Identity, e-commerce and sales channels - along with a full online campaign, such as customized packaging, special accessories and social activations - and it was back in 2008. This was a project that result in lots of learnings from our end. Since positioning a startup, dealing with budget issues, exploring digital at its best at that time, under the "learning by doing" working process. We literally building a brand from inside out. Plus, we were thrilled to win a Silver Award on the prestigious Art Directors Club.