Volkswagen Trucks


I'm particularly proud of these campaigns for Volkswagen Trucks - now MAN Latin America - because at that time it used to be a tough client (I would say the toughest) and zero creatives would like to work with them. After coming up with the concept "For any kind of load" and executing it visually we presented a huge print campaign with more than 10 executions + a tv spot included with extra media budget at the end because the client loved the idea. This creative outcome brought relevant raise of budget and importance of client within the creative boundaries.

Nowadays, you see the "For any kind of load" Volkswagen Trucks campaigns winning most of the awards festivals every year. And it became one of the most desirable clients ever at the agency, and has been helping MAN Latin America being one of the most important truck brands in Brazil.


This was the second campaign For VW Trucks done on same "For any kind of load." concept.