The Creative Circus New Business / Entrepeneur

I am a graduate from The Creative Circus, Atlanta. This ad school taught me not only the best skills I could ever imagine to create ads and make art direction, it also brought to me the best of myself as a person first of all. It was an inspiring and positive environment where the collaborative work happened even before this word "collaborative work" became so fashionable and popular.

That said, one day I was talking to Norm Grey (on of the founders and my guru) if I could to put together a business plan in front of the school managing board for partnership on launching The Creative Circus Sao Paulo, Brazil. I then gathered some real great talented friends to help on building it, and presented to them. Long story short, we had Brazil added on their special list besides other great places in the future to be part of the school chain. But having this little experience was amazing, specially this one that came out from my heart and soul. I have so much appreciation for Circus and hope one day this project come true.