Hello, my name is Marcus Kawamura and I’m a Brazilian creative living in the US since 2015.

Since mid 2017 I’ve been Executive Creative Director of Crispin Porter and I lead the works for brands such as Letgo, Aspen Dental, Bauducco and Embraer.

Before that I was Global Creative Director of Infiniti at CPB Boulder in 2015, where I was part of the leading team to launch the new coupe Q60.

Prior to US, here is my highlighted story:

13 years in Sao Paulo at DM9DDB, Leo Burnett, Africa and AlmapBBDO.

Lived 2 years in Lisbon and worked at FCB and YR.

Lived 2 years in Atlanta to attend Art Direction program at The Creative Circus.

20 years career experience of working for Volkswagen, Audi, Havaianas, Bayer, Visa, Sony, Danone, Pedigree, Gol Airlines, American Airlines, Embraer, Pepsi, Inbev, Gillete, among others.   

Proud of having made history on bringing a fresh creative strategy for Volkswagen Trucks, revamping its media budget spent and helped placing the brand to Top 1 Market Share for several years followed.

Proud of being part of the leading team to have built an ad agency from start, being responsible to build up the creative and production departments, leading and mentoring teams. One of the great outcomes was the fully Branding & Communication development of a startup online store called SmartBuy Wines.

I’m also honored on being part of the Gunn Report’s list on “The best print ads in the world in 15 years” list with this work for a conscious consumption NGO named Akatu.

I have a passion for entrepreneurship world and have been involved with a great team of crazy bastards in side projects such as Sao Paulo Capital and City Eyes. We almost brought the ad school I studied, The Creative Circus, to open a branch in Sao Paulo, after have presented a fully developed business plan to the main staff of the school board.

Attended SXSW and Hyper Island in Karlskrona.

Aiming for Berlin School of Creative Leadership soon.

Please, enjoy my work.