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I’ve always felt like a foreigner. And I have to admit, there are few things as exciting than being the foreigner.


The first is I never know where to go so I always wind up in some interesting place. Sometimes this means getting lost, but usually it means I’m just about to discover something new or exciting.


The second thing is that I never know the rules. Rules are limiting. I usually never know what they are so my ideas can be a little bigger and a little more fun. Plus, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, right? (I just learned this saying).


The last thing is I work a little harder. Having started my career in Brazil, everyone wanted to come work in the states. But the hardest working lot of us made it. Call it immigrant work ethic, but it has allowed me to be successful and learn a lot.


In the end, being a foreigner has made me better and given me a fresh perspective in a world that moves faster than I read in English. 


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